bf (yet another bf page)

Programmers are a twisted bunch.

Although beauty and elegance in programming are greatly appreciated, there is a tendency towards warped humor.

bf is a programming language. bf is short for brainfuck, which is what will happen if you try to program in it. bf is Turing-complete; this means that anything other languages can do (C, C++, Java, OCaml, Haskell, you name it), bf can do too. It only takes a lot more effort (and a twisted, brain-damaged mind).

This is not a general page about bf. There are a whole lot of other pages about it. See, for example, this page by Frans Faase, or this other by Brian Reiter. From these two there are links to many others.

Here I collect my bf implementations, with comments and tests. The implementations are grouped by language.


hbfi: A simple interpreter. The new version uses a mutable array, achieving reasonable performance. Still, this is probably not the fastest bf interpreter around.
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